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Pendulum clocks can be regulated to keep perfect time.  The only tools required are a pen, a piece of paper and this webpage.  With a little effort we'll have your clock keeping perfect time in only a few days.

The adjusting nut at the bottom of the pendulum raises or lowers the bob to regulate the clocks speed.  To slow the clock you turn the adjusting nut clockwise to lower the bob.  To speed up the clock you turn the adjusting nut counterclockwise to raise the bob.  As we tune your clock over the next few days remember, low is slow.

Since there is no single rule that applies to all pendulum clocks, a little record keeping and experimentation is required to fine tune your clock so it will keep perfect time.

STEP 1 Day 1.  Record the time on this webpage and also the time from your clock in a notebook.
STEP 2 Day 2.  At the exact same time as yesterday, repeat STEP 1 and compare the difference between the two times from your clock.
STEP 3 We will use as a starting point for reference that one full turn of the adjusting nut equals two minutes over the 24 hour period.  If your clock is 5 minutes faster than my clock, lower your bob by turning the adjusting screw 2 full turns.  Be sure the bob lowers down onto the adjusting nut too.  If the bob sticks on the threaded rod and vibrates down on it's own, the clock will render a false comparison tomorrow and make tuning your clock a much longer process.   
STEP 4 Record the number of times you turned the adjusting nut and the difference in minutes.
STEP 5 Day 3, repeat STEP 1 again and compare the difference in times to the results recorded from Day 2.
STEP 6 This is where you must calculate the effect of the adjusting nut on your clocks speed.  If by turning the nut 2 times yesterday only slowed your clock 2 minutes, one turn of the adjusting nut equals one minute for 24 hours on your clock.  If the 2 turns slowed your clock 6 minutes (or more), then one turn of the adjusting nut is equal to 30 seconds (or less) over a 24 hour period for your clock. 
STEP 7 Estimate the effect of the adjusting nut on your clock and raise or lower the bob to further tune the clocks speed.  Record your actions again in the notebook.
STEP 8 Day 4, compare the results from day 3 and determine if finer calculation is required to estimate the effect the adjusting screw has on your clocks speed.  Adjust bob again if necessary.
STEP 9 Repeat adjusting nut calculation and move bob again if necessary.  Before you know it, your clock will match my clock everyday and will be in perfect time.  Once you have determined the effect of the adjusting nut to your clock's speed, record that information in your owners manual or affix it somewhere inside the hood.  
STEP 10 Check the clock again in a year.  Sometimes a clock will slow over time due to the vibrations of the chimes causing the adjusting nut to unscrew in a clockwise direction thus lowering the bob.  Simply check your notes from the adjusting screws effect and you can easily restore your clock to perfect time again.


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